Foundation for the Future 2012 Report

The Foundation for the Future has released their 2012 annual report. The first thing to notice is how open they are about who they fund, what sums are involved and how they work across the region. This is excellent, and in strong contrast to EU initiatives – interviewed people in 2011 and was shocked that EU delegations were unwilling to talk about best practise.

FFF says “FFF capitalizes on its strengths, achievements and legitimacy to make a unique contribution to the political transformation in BMENA. FFF provides appropriate, home-grown responses to the region’s burning need for inclusive and just democracy. As a locally-rooted, endogenous organization, FFF is culturally-sensitive and demand-driven. Its impact is long-term and sus-tainable, and serves the best interests of the citizens of the region.”

It offers enormous potential for developing less colonial forms of democracy promotion, and is at the core of the Transatlantic interests projects considerations.


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