What’s coming up this week 3-9 June

What to look out for this coming week:

1. The trial of Bradley Manning begins in Maryland, accused of leaking state secrets to Wikileaks.  These documents have become a central to the Warwick Wikileaks Forum (WWF) which is a big data project we run at The University of Warwick. Manning is charged with “aiding the enemy” and faces a possible life sentence without parole.

2. Keeping the Lights On – The Renewable Energy World Europe conference Keeping the lights on is happening in Vienna.  The Conference theme is “Keeping Europe’s Power Flowing”.

3. Friday – June 7-8 Presidents’ summit – Chinese president Xi Jinping meets US President Barack Obama for summit talks in Rancho Mirage, California.

4. Magical Morocco – The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music is held in Morocco, with the theme “Reflections of Andalusia”.

5. Saturday – June 8 Mubarak retrial – The retrial of ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, his sons and senior aides, is due to resume in Cairo.


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